We have A New Silver Litter!
Sadie X Jagger
Ready to go home March 12

1st Pick Female - Reserved by John
2nd Pick Female - Reserved by Nicole
3rd Pick Female - Reserved by Toni
1st Pick Male - Reserved by Jeremy
2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Jennifer
3rd Pick Male - Reserved by Heather
4th Pick Male - Available
5th Pick Male - Available
6th Pick Male - Available
7th Pick Male - Available

Upcoming Litter
Stormy X Banjo
Due to be born March 3
This will be a Silver & Charcoal Litter
Pictured left - a previous litter of our silver & charcoal pups.  Charcoal pups on the ends & a silver pup in the middle. 
1st Pick Charcoal Female - Reserved by Mary
2nd Pick Charcoal Female - Available
1st Pick Silver Female - Reserved by Toks
2nd Pick Silver Female - Available
1st Pick Charcoal Male - Available
2nd Pick Charcoal Male - Available
1st Pick Silver Male - Available
2nd Pick Silver Male - Available