Upcoming Silver Litter
Lady X Levi
Due to be Born January 10

Upcoming Charcoal & Silver Litter​
Due to Be Born New Year's Eve
Ellie X Banjo
(Pictured Right - Charcoal Pup Sired by Banjo)         ​

1st Pick Charcoal Female - Available
2nd Pick Charcoal Female - Available
1st Pick Charcoal Male - Reserved
2nd Pick Charcoal Male - Reserved
1st Pick Silver Female - Reserved
2nd Pick Silver Female - Reserved
1st Pick Silver Male - Reserved
2nd Pick Silver Male - Reserved
1st Pick Female - Reserved
2nd Pick Female- Reserved
3rd Pick Female - Available
4th Pick Female - Available
1st Pick Male - Reserved
2nd Pick Male - Reserved
3rd Pick Male - Available
4th Pick Male - Available
Pictured right - Silver Pup from Lady & Levi's litter last year