Upcoming Silver Litter    
Parents: Shelby & Banjo     
Due to be born August 25   
pictured left - Puppy from Shelby's last litter
1st Pick Female - Reserved by Hagan
2nd Pick Female - Reserved by Kristin
3rd Pick Female - Reserved by Gloria
1st Pick Male - Reserved by Sarah
2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Allen
3rd pick Male - Reserved by Lia

Upcoming Charcoal & Silver Litter
Parents: Stormy & Levi
Due to be born October 1

Stormy is my mom.  She's going to have more pups that will look like me!
1st Pick Charcoal Female - Reserved by Kristin
2nd Pick Charcoal Female - Res. by Louise & Tony
1st Pick Charcoal Male - Reserved by Paige
2nd Pick Charcoal Male - Available
1st Pick Silver Female - Reserved by Katherine
2nd Pick Silver Female - Available
1st Pick Silver Male - Available
2nd Pick Silver Male - Available