Upcoming Silver Litter​  
Parents: Lola & Banjo  
Due to be born April 24  

1st Pick Female - Reserved by Audrey
2nd Pick Female- Available
3rd Pick Female - Available
4th Pick Female - Available
1st Pick Male - Reserved by Travis
2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Brian
3rd Pick Male - Available
4th Pick Male - Available
Pictured left - Silver pups from Lola & & Banjo's litter last year.  
Upcoming Silver Litter 
Due to be born April 7
Parents: Shelby & Levi
1st Pick Female - Reserved by Leslie
2nd Pick Female - Reserved by Holly
3rd Pick Female - Reserved by Denise
4th Pick Female - Available 
1st Pick Male - Reserved by Cliff
2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Liesel
3rd Pick Male - Reserved by Alycia
4th Pick Male- Reserved by Matt & Kathy

Shelby & Levi are my mom and dad.  They're going to have more pups that will look like me!