New litter!
Annie X Jagger
Ready to go home Jan.9
1st Pick Charcoal Female - Res. By Michael & Mali
2nd Pick Charcoal Female - Res. by John & Amy
3rd Pick Charcoal Female - Available
4th Pick Charcoal Female - Available
5th Pick Charcoal Female - Available
1st Pick Silver Female - Reserved by Samantha
1st Pick Charcoal Male - Reserved by Ashleigh
2nd Pick Charcoal Male - Reserved by Paulo

3 of these gorgeous charcoal females are available!
Upcoming Litter
Shelby X Levi
All pups will be light silver
Due to be born Jan. 4
1st Pick Female - Reserved by Lisa
2nd Pick Female - Available
3rd Pick Female - Available
1st Pick Male - Available
2nd Pick Male - Available
3rd Pick Male - Available