Just wanted to let you know how much we love our boys!  We couldn't have asked for better dogs.  Thank you for everything!  We are so happy we were able to add Bodie to our family.                                           -                                  Dru
.Hank & Lucy are amazing. Lucy is a daddy’s girl. Hank is my sidekick, cool, calm and collective. Every day I get home they are another inch taller. They are the love of my life… Thank you so much!
                           - Alicia, Warrenton, Virginia

Ripken is now 6 months old and weighing in at 60 pounds.  He is the sweetest boy (momma's boy for sure).  Thank you so much for the experience and giving us the puppy of our dreams.

Here's Moses at his 12 week vet check-up.  He weighed 23 lbs.  He is such a wonderful pup and is doing very well with house training.  He is a wonderful addition to our family.  Thank you! 

 Mosby's a true Lab/water dog thru-n-thru but enjoys his walks, snuggling with family and cousins; and being a "couch potato"! .He's a wonderful dog. Many people have complimented his coloring / look. He brings us a lot of joy, smiles, and laughter. (Mosby pictured right). 

Smokey (Pictured above) - Smokey is truly a great family pet. He loves his 3 "big brothers." His instincts and patience with the kids amaze us all the time. We are so pleased with how he has bonded with our family.  Smokey just turned 6 months and our youngest son is 17 months.  They have an unusual bond, maybe because they are growing up together.  They are definitely best buddies!                                  -Heather
Rex is doing great.  Most playful puppy ever.  We took him to the beach and he was a digging, swimming machine!
(Rex pictured above).             
.We purchased a puppy from you in 2009, and she turned out to be the best dog we have ever owned.  We constantly receive compliments on how beautiful she is.  We attached a picture of Brooke so you can see her.  Thank you for such a great dog.(Brooke pictured above)  

                                            -Jillian & Mike

This is our handsome boy "Dante"! We first just want to say a big "Thank You" to Teresa for being such a wonderful loving breeder and for breeding such beautiful dogs! We had a yellow lab named Prince who was 13 years old when we lost him. We were totally devastated and lost for a 1 1/2 years because he was one of our children and I vowed that I would never get attached to another dog!  Well, then my husband found Teresa and put a deposit down for a Charcoal Male (without my knowing) and by the Grace of God .... our little boy was the ONLY Charcoal male born in that litter. Dante is the most devilish, sweet, loving and hilarious puppy that we absolutely adore and love! He has brought laughter & life back into our house! We can't go anywhere without people stopping us and remarking how beautiful and unique he is! He is definitely a mommy's boy! I can't make a move without him and wouldn't have it any other way! (Dante pictured left). 
              - Audrey & Bob, Rockland, MA
.We just wanted to Thank yall again for everything and give you an update on Dallas. He's growing like a weed, has gained 5 pounds in the past week alone and is currently 26 pounds. He loves playing outside and has lots of friends who are his age and labs also. He loves playing on the beach, fetch and going for walks. He's very loving and is an all around great dog. (Dallas pictured left).
Ruger is the BEST dog ever!  He is very smart, playful, and a very fast learner.  (Ruger pictured above).
          - Kristi, Mt. Airy, MD
Jaxson's a great dog and a real cutie! (Jaxson pictured above).
                         - Ariella, Montreal QC
Slate is still doing well.  He's about 60 pounds now and working on more tricks.  He's quick to learn how to do things.  He's super curious and loves everyone.  We've had a great time on hikes and making new friends.  (Slate pictured above).
                                                        -Gina & Jason, Vienna, VA
Jack is huge and handsome!  He "graduated" from training last night.  He's a very smart dog!  The kids are having a lot of fun with him.                         Update on Jack - Here is Jack on his 4th birthday with my 9 year old, James.  Jack is a love bug and huge at 110 pounds.  (Jack pictured left and right).  

          -Laura, Kensington, MD
Stormi weighs a little under 100lbs. He is smart and adorable.  Mathias is 14 months and 91 pounds.  Mathias has turned out to be a very good and smart boy. He goes to Lowes all the time and walks around the store and everyone just loves him as he behaves so well, and then when we go to the car, no leash, he just walks beside me and knows which jeep is his.  (Stormi pictured left and Mathias pictured right).  
                                                       - George


Just wanted to share a picture of Emi as she approaches 10 weeks old. She is growing so quickly, and we love her so much. Thank you! (Emi pictured left)

Update on Emi -   Emi's first trip to the beach. She was a natural in the water and absolutely loved the sand. We traveled from VA to New York and back, and Emi was an amazing traveler. She loves people and always receives tons of compliments everywhere we go. We are so happy we found you. She's been such a great addition to our family.  (Emi pictured right)

                                                                   -Jill, Woodbridge, VA 

Cooper is doing Great! We are in love. We are getting settled into a good routine and he is learning very quickly! House training is going very well. He is loving the tennis ball and retrieving, and he and the cat are slowly becoming friends. Cooper is getting used to his crate and is starting to understand that it's his bed and his space. He's already been down to the river and swam in a little pool of the river and he is definitely a natural. He is just a joy and we are so happy that we found you and him! It's amazing how many comments we get about him and how beautiful he is...he's loving the attention!

                                  -Monica & Mark

Piper is one good dog!! (Piper pictured above).
                                        - Mike, Harrisonburg, VA
I just wanted to let you know that Beamer is doing great and he is perfect!!! I can't say enough good things about him and how good of a breeder you are.  (Beamer pictured above).
                                        - Michael 
  Bentley is such a wonderful addition to our family and has already brought so many smiles and fun times. He’s a gorgeous boy and I’ve already had so many people ask about him and what he was and so on.   (Bentley pictured left.)
                                                           - Sarah 
We got our Macie Gray from you nearly two years ago. (Asher and Misty's baby). I just wanted to tell you that she is the best dog EVER!  Everyone thinks she's gorgeous and stops to ask us about her all the time.  I just referred a friend to your website, as he's in VA and in the market for a pup! He
saw Macie on my facebook page and asked about her. She has lots of facebook "fans" -haha. Wanted to simply thank you once again for breeding such a fabulous pup.   
                                                                   -Jill & Rob

Daisy is a great addition to our family. She's full of personality and very social, loves to play fetch and retrieves the morning newspaper. She is also athletic---great swimmer. She is a beautiful dog and turns heads wherever we go. Daisy's parents are Jager and Bella. We have referred several of our friends to Silver Valley Labradors. They have also purchased pups and are very happy. We are satisfied customers and highly recommend this breeder. 
                         - The Woodward Family, Centreville, VA
Just wanted to say thank you again for making the process of getting our new addition to our family seamless. Since we left Colton has definitely found himself right at home with us. He loves being outside and wont stop playing. He has already made best friends with all of our neighbors and everyone that walks the street. He will run up and stop at the curb and wait till they come up and pet him. He has already learned numerous different commands from sit, stay, bed, get it, talk, and the list goes on. I cant believe how smart and loving this little guy is. Thanks again.  (Colton pictured left).  
                      -Nick & Allie
Shadow loves people and follows us everywhere.  She is a beauty. (Shadow pictured above).

Bentley is amazing!  We love him!  Thank you again for everything.  Bentley is a great addition to our family.  (Bentley pictured left).  

-Laura & Maxwell
Zoey is 4.5 months old now and just weighed in at 40 pounds! She has settled into the family nicely. She is super smart and is learning all of her commands and LOVES the beach. We are always getting compliments on what a beautiful dog she is – thank you!  (Zoey pictured above). 

Happy 1st Birthday Duke!!  Duke just turned 1.  He is a great companion to Daisy and is always happy!  We just love Duke!
(Duke pictured above).  
                                 - The Woodward Family, Centerville, VA.
 Jefferson (Gibby & Jager's litter)  will be turning 1 year old. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do and raising great pups. Jefferson is such a great dog, he is laid back but mischievous at the same time. He loves to cuddle, fetch, swim, go hiking and to eat. He is also very smart and that started at a young age with knowing how to sit, lay, roll over, stay, give hugs, and crawl. He knows the commands when ask to get a stick or find his ball he knows exactly where to look. Where ever we go he gets compliments on how beautiful he is and they loves his eyes. I refer you to everyone who asks where I got him from.   Thanks Again!  (Jefferson pictured right).
             - Amanda, Charlottesville, VA

Gracie is now just over 24 weeks and she is doing great! We just returned home from a week at the beach.  She definitely has personality and is very loveable. She loves to put a portion of the leash in her mouth, as though she is walking herself. She gets along with the neighborhood children as well as the other dogs, too.  Thank you for allowing her to be a part of my forever home.   

Hubert charms everyone he meets.  He is completely adorable.  Update on Hubert -At 10..5 months, he is the sweetest dog, affectionate and funny. Everyone loves him! He is a very special guy, and so handsome!  Hubert pictured left and above

          -Helen & George, Keswick, VA
Hello everyone! This is Levi at 4 months of age, weighing in at 36 pounds. He is the son of Ruger a.k.a. "gentle giant" and the ever beautiful Piper. Levi never meets a stranger. He is routinely complemented on his good looks and his mellow (even for a puppy) temperament. While I would like to take full credit since I am his master/trainer, it is truly due to Silver Valley Labradors and the impeccable breeding standards they have. Levi has captured the heart of everyone in our family. He is smart, athletic, loyal and eager to please. His puppy training has gone well with all basic commands mastered quickly. Levi is most proud after retrieving the morning paper from the front yard...without a leash. His interaction with other dogs, big and small, is perfect and consistent with excellent Labrador characteristics. While he displays a little puppy shyness for the first five minutes, he quickly warms up and plays/explores with all new friends he meets. Teresa is a top quality breeder and has provided a gorgeous loving companion that would enrich any lucky family. We certainly feel privileged to have Levi in our lives...he is wonderful! Thank you Silver Valley Labradors for blessing our family more than words can say. 


Gandalf is quite the hit of the neighborhood and has become quite famous on Facebook
since I post pictures often and have passed on your name to several people! We love him and wanted you to know he is 50 pounds at 4 months.  (Gandalf the Grey pictured above).
                                             -Chris & Jeff

We have had Laddy for about 8 months now and he is AMAZING!  He is getting SO big and he seriously has the biggest paws I have ever seen. He is a hit through our entire family.  Laddy gets the paper for my dad every morning (he loves doing it) he also loves to be held which is too funny because he is SO big already but he is so happy when someone holds him.  He loves to cuddle and be close to us at all times which we enjoy.  We love him and are so happy we were able to get him. He is such a love and is so funny. When he plays catch he ends up doing like forward rolls over the ball cause his paws are so big he can’t stop himself. He is just great to have around the family and he gets along with other dogs SO well which is very nice since we live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs.  (.Laddy pictured left.)



The kids are doing great & absolutely gorgeous. We love them so much!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such incredible dogs!
                                                            - Wendy & Tony  

Just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful addition to our family. Bella is so loving and so sweet. She is fully housebroken already and has mastered a few commands too. She has brought so much joy to our lives. We love her so much already.Thank you again. (Bella pictured left). 
                 --The Seneca Family
Raleigh is so smart and well behaved (still considering she is a puppy) She loves to swim and she still rings her bell to potty.  She follows all commands and really enjoys swimming.  We all couldn't be happier and we can't imagine life without her.  Thank You! (Raleigh pictured right.)
                                                -Kristy & Jeff

Just a picture and note of our beautiful girl "Morgan" at 9 weeks, daughter of Levi.  She has a wonderful personality and is learning very fast. We lost our 12 year old yellow this past June, so this is a new addition to our family and we are absolutely thrilled. Just thought we would pass this along and thank you again for breeding wonderful dogs.  (Morgan pictured right.)
                            -Ken & Sue
                    Winston Salem, NC

Periwinkle is growing into a beautiful girl and we just adore her. She is very smart, and has mastered sit, stay, down, high five and roll over! She's gone on vacations with us all over the north east and readily adjusts to any situation. Thanks so much for letting her become part of our family. 
                                  - The Greenwood Family

Nickel is doing really well! He has settled in nicely and is growing fast. He is already 20 pounds! (Nickel pictured above with big sister Penny)                                            -Sarah
Lola is doing great!  She has the sweetest personality and we are so happy to have her.  So many people have asked where she's from and written down your information.                                        -Brittany
Upadate on Zoey - Zoey is quickly approaching her 1 year birthday! Only a few weeks away. We love her tons and are so glad she is a member of our family. 

Zoey pictured left and right
Stoeger is a huge boy.  He loves to play outside and naturally with the ball.   The kids are in love and Stoeger thinks he's a small lap dog. His bark is fierce, the first time we heard it, it caught us off guard. He has a deep protective bark! He likes to pounce around the yard after shadows and chase lizards. He's a great dog for our family, and does great with the kids. We have to keep doggie beds all over the house because he loves his blankets and beds.He is definitely a lover! (Soeger pictured above)
                                                            - Vikki  
Reign loves it here in the Midwest and is very rambunctious. Her favorite thing to do is go for walks and play in the snow with dad. She has grown so fast and has turned into a beautiful adult. Thank you so much for giving us a great dog. She has been a great addition to the family.  (Reign pictured Left)
                                Oswego, IL

I just wanted to take a second and send you a message thanking you for my best buddy, Cooper. I got cooper from you March 10th last year, and Coop just turned 1 on the 21st of January. Cooper is a fantastic puppy and even better friend. He has lots of energy, and loves playing with me. He is so intelligent and has a fantastic nose. Our trainer is impressed every time we come for a session, and always says, "cooper can do anything." Cooper is honestly my family since I live away from the rest of my family, and he's a great companion. I know you've actually talked to my girlfriend and sent her some pictures from cooper's litter, and I'm very appreciative because she made me a great scrapbook. I hope you have been able to see the pictures of cooper over the last year, and there'll be more to come. I attached a couple photos, of Coop in case anyone every wanted to see some silver lab pictures, and I have a ton more. I've told so many people about you I can even count, because of my amazing experience with you. Thanks again so much for everything. You didn't just give me a dog, you gave me my best friend.  Cooper pictured left and right.
Thanks- David  
Macie Gray pictured left and right
Update on Macie - Macie is coming up on her 4th birthday. Wanted to let you know that Macie is doing well! We love her very much. She loves to ride in the car, go to the dog park, hike, swim, fetch, wrestle with our Chihuahua (gently, of course), and is a loyal friend. Couldn't ask for a better pup!!                  
                                                              -  Jill & Rob
Levi pictured above and right.  
This is Levi at 10 months of age. He now weighs in at 83 pounds. In his earlier testimonial I commented on his temperament being so mellow. That trait has continued to hold true (x10) and what makes him so unique. Everyone Levi meets cannot believe his behavior and calm disposition. As I'm sure most would agree this does not happen by accident. Clearly Silver Valley Labs deserves full credit for top quality breeding. While I say he is mellow, Levi also likes his exercise. He can walk and run for miles. He loves to run around the yard with one of his outside toys (usually a deflated basketball) in his mouth for what seems like an entire hour. It is hilarious...he is so animated when flipping the ball around. Levi is also very smart and loves his obedience/agility class. This is where his calm disposition really shines and our trainer recommends Levi to be a therapy dog. There is so much good to say about Levi and Silver Valley Labs I could go on and on. What really says it all is the fact we went back to Teresa for a second puppy. One week ago we picked up Murphy...Levi's new brother. Look for his testimonial soon.
Zach, Hampton VA.
Gracie pictured left and right
Update on Gracie - A year ago today I picked up Gracie and brought her to her fur-ever home! We have had a wonderful year together. She is the sweetest pup and is too smart for my own good :).   I can't thank you enough for breeding such wonderful animals.

Just wanted to let you know that Dobby is doing great. He is a very playful puppy and growing super fast.  (Dobby pictured above.)

Memphis is a good dog and I do have him duck hunting and he loves it!  (Memphis pictured above.)

Kona is a hit !!!  She got her first walk - well ride!!  She is doing very well.  Today she accompanied us to the peach festival and was quite the hit with everyone.  We love her and she really is a great dog.  Thanks again for everything!     (Kona pictured above).                                                                    -Kayla
Just wanted to thank you again for our beautiful Carmella. It was a pleasure meeting you and all of your babies! You will be happy to know that all is better than well here! Carmella slept the whole ride home, came in the house, woke up and instantly starting chasing the kids! (And vise versa). They are in another world right now. The three of them play, play and play, then the puppy crashes! Carmella has made our house her home! She has been so good.  Our new vet was blown away by her color and "high breed features". Today she rode with me to take Michael to school, I've missed that.
Again, it was such a pleasure meeting you; and we will be sending you regular photos of the little girl we were so privileged to take home. I hope you know that you have far more provided us with a dog, you provided a family with unexplainable joy-bless you!  (Carmella pictured above).
                                     - Mike     Atlanta, Georgia

Thinking of this weekend 1 year ago and how I was spending it getting my new baby accustomed to his new family! I am so grateful that you allowed Gunner to be a part of my family! He is such a good boy and has brought much love and laughter to my home. He can be very mischievous but he always gives me fair warning before he snatches something off the counter, plays in his water bowl, or toilet papers the house! :) He is also a mommas boy and wants to be where ever I am! He loves playing ball, going to the soccer field, swimming, going for walks, playing at the dog park, going for car rides, doggie daycare, and loving on anyone who will pay him attention! (Gunner pictured right).  
We are currently in doggie training and Cyrus is doing well. He goes for walks around Colonial Williamsburg and likes playing soccer, he is the faster runner by far and he cheats by carrying the soccer ball around in his mouth.(he can be a show-off at times) He is buddies with all the dogs on the street and socializes with all the neighbors.  Thank you again for the puppy.  (Cyrus pictured above),                        -Shawn           Williamsburg, VA
Zoe pictured left and right
 We are delighted with our newest family member, Zoe. She is a gorgeous girl who commands attention wherever she goes! She is happy, healthy, and 100% pure Labrador. At 3 months not only has she learned her basic commands, but she is swimming, retrieving, and even ringing a bell to go outside. We are so glad to have found Teresa and Silver Valley Labradors! 
                                  -Jenn & Gary, Alexandria, VA
Update on Zoe - Meet the Silver Valley Labs dock star, Zoe "Little Bit of Superfly". Zoe was born in March of 2013 to Bella and Levi. This feisty little babe showed such spirit and tenacity that we knew she would be a natural at dock diving, a sport her new adopted brother Jack was just getting started in. Little did we know those gorgeous zombie eyes would lock on to a dock bumper and shoot her straight to the winner's circle! Zoe has quickly worked her way
 up through the Big Air divisional ranks and at just over a year old is
 consistently logging Senior jumps with the promise of more distance on the  near horizon. She really excels in Extreme Vertical where Zoe is reaching heights of 7 feet after only 2 months in this discipline, far surpassing most of the dogs with ten times her experience. Her stellar performance is earning her top rankings as an Iron Dog, which consists of dogs who can master all three of the dock diving disciplines. This little super star is a shining example of meticulous breeding, canine athleticism, and the pure joy and love that makes her truly Labradorable.  

                                                              Jenn & Gary, Alexandria, VA
Hello everyone. This is Murphy aka "Murph-man". He is 5 months old weighing in at 53 pounds. This dog is incredible. He is extremely smart, athletic and already very loyal to the entire family. He is also quite the dare-devil and is afraid of nothing. For those of you checking out this web site attempting to make a decision about getting a puppy, look no more. Silver Valley Labs has impeccable standards putting them head and shoulders above the rest. We will always be a fan and supporter of Silver Valley Labs. Our true testament to this is the fact Murph-man is our second puppy from Silver Valley (see Levi's testimonial for the rest of our family). Murphy and Levi are 8 months apart and they get along perfectly. Silver Valley Labs has blessed our home a second time...we are forever grateful. (Murphy pictured above).  
                                      Respectfully, Steve, Jerri & Zach 
.Here is a recent 
photo of Lexi.  We love her beyond words.  She is amazing and so loyal!  Thank you so much!!  
Norman is doing really well and growing more every day!  We are so in love with little guy!
                                                                      - Lissette

Shiner Jane is the best pup ever.  She is definitely the highlight of our day.  
Wanted to give you an update on Beau as we approach his 11 month birthday. We just returned from the river this weekend, where Beau has now officially become a “river dog”. He just loves running through the water now. I honestly think that he would retrieve the tennis ball for hours on end. My arm actually got tired long before he did.
He is a 100% muscle, and is extremely powerful.  Along with the water, Beau enjoys the dog park and walking in the neighborhood.
We have shared your name and website with many friends. We wanted to thank you again for bringing Beau into our lives. He is truly a wonderful dog, and we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family. 


Harper has been AWESOME!!!!  He is so calm, everyone loves him and so do we! We are so happy! Plus he is a cuddler, which I wanted !!

Stella is doing amazing she is loving life as my trail running partner she is a true trail dog! 
Here are some cool things we did in her first year of life :)
1) we road tripped to Maine and explored Portland
2) We hiked all the major trails in Southwest VA
3) We completed our first ultramarathon
4) We paddled the James River multiple times
5) We helped my sister at her farmers market and spent hours playing on the farm
She really is the greatest thanks for everything! 
(Stella pictured left)

 First of all Ryan and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Sterling (now 14 months). We were devastated with the passing of our beloved yellow lab of 11 yrs (Wafer). He was a big part of our lives and family. We knew we wanted another lab but thought yellow until someone pinned a picture of a silver lab pup to my pinterest board. Let me just say that is all she wrote fell in love with the face. That is when I came across your website in my search for a silver lab. We noticed you were getting ready to have two litters, so we put our deposit down on Sadie and Jagger. You continued to send updated pictures of the pups once they were born and my heart just kept skipping a beat every time I looked at them. Three months to the date we met you and the beautiful pups. We really were not sure which one of the males to choose, it was between Mr. black and Mr. Green. However we ended up with Mr. Red. Everyone that has met him has mentioned how smart he is and that he is going to keep me on my toes so I need to be one step ahead of him. He is very smart, independent, cautious and loving. Sterling has been a great focus for me while my husband works out of town during the week. We have been through various levels of training. He is CGC certified and started his CGC advanced training along with doing a pilot pupexercise class. Thank you again for making our house a home again and for this wonderful addition to our family. Sterling is our world and do not know what we would do with out him. Thank you again for making our family complete and hopefully adding another one next spring. (Sterling pictured right).  
                                            Wendy and Ryan, Richmond, VA 
Our beautiful Charley is doing great!  He is so full of life and love.  He is a big boy and the sweetest puppy! He loves everyone and everyone loves him!
Charley is a quick learner and extremely smart.  
(Charley pictured left.).

It has been a few months since we brought Ellie home. She is a wonderfully laid back little lady, who is growing bigger every day. We took this pic last weekend at a picnic and even surrounded by all kinds of people she was just sitting pretty watching everyone come and go. (Ellie pictured right.)

Kona is a little over 3 months now. She truly is the best dog ever. She loves people, loves to play with other dogs. She is potty trained, knows sit, lay down, stay, paw, fetch, and many more commands. She also is one of the most laid back puppies. I have gotten so many compliments on her personality and appearance. Thank you again for allowing me to have my sweet girl 
​                                                                          Nicky
Timber is doing awesome!!! He had his first vet check up today and he weighed in at 24.7 lbs!!! He was quite the attraction there with all the techs and especially our vet. He was very pleased with his calm cool and collective attitude and his behavior while we were there. He wanted me to tell you that in his entire career he had never seen a more organized and professional job with his vaccines and worming process and you are doing a terrific job. He asked for your contact information so he could refer clients of his your way as one of the most respected breeders he's ran into. We can't thank you enough and I hope to send you some more pics of him soon!! I believe the vet told us that he was best behaved puppy he has ever examined and he's been practicing for over 20 years. This tells us a lot about who we adopted our boy from and we are proud to say Silver Valley Labradors. Thanks so much and God bless.
Winchester (pictured above)  is an amazing dog!  He learns so quickly and has the perfect temperament.  We are so happy with him and can't imagine our family without him!
Cynder is doing wonderful.  She is still super soft and growing like a weed.  She is a smart little girl.  Within 2 to 3 weeks she mastered ringing a bell at the front door whenever she needed to go out which is great.  Overall Cynder is a delight - very smart, cute, and learning new things every day.  Thank you so much!
Sterling is such a beautiful dog.  He is very smart and a really good dog - my whole family and the office (he comes to work with me every day) just love him.  He is as sweet as ever and continues to be a joy in my life.  (Sterling pictured above). 
An update on one of Levi's "daughters."  Morgan is 3 and a half and a wonderful companion.  She is also a fully certified Service Dog for hearing impairment and travels extensively.  She must have flown about 50,000 miles this year.  Just a word of thanks. (Morgan pictured above)
                                                - Ken & Sue
Update on Mr. Brown - At 8 months old and 85 pounds, he is a happy and full of energy pup.  He is lovin' life!
We love Piper so much and she is so happy and playful. She has lots of friends. She loves to snuggle, watch tv, give everyone kisses.
Thank you so much!                                                          -Britney

Cynder just turned 6months old. She is happy & healthy and such a joy. 
She is halfway through obedience classes and is excelling. She already loves swimming and likes water so much she jumps into the bathtub all the time. Her favorite daily activity is fetching her beloved blue ball!! Thank you again!!

Layla Jane turned 5!!  She is so loving and sweet.  We are so lucky to have her.  She loves to swim and is very social.  She's the best!                                -Becca & Eric
Hard to believe Cynder is 1 already! She is such a happy girl. She enjoys swimming and fetching non-stop. She  is always very well behaved. 99% of the time anyway! She constantly gets compliments on how pretty and well behaved she is wherever we take her! She is just a joy to have & we can’t imagine life without her! Thank you again! 

We just love Sable!!  She is sitting in her favorite truck.  She loves shaking paw and going on her walks.  She is bringing us so much joy! (Sable pictured left).  
                                         -James & Lisa
Today Willow turned 6 months old and is doing Great! She is such a Sweet puppy with a big heart and has the most Adorable personality. Her mannerisms are so laid back, she's so Lovable and so Precious and she's so easy to take care of.  So many people are surprised how well she listens for as young as she is. She has honestly been like that since the day we brought her home, and that stems back from the Great Breeders we got her from....so thank you😊.
Every day we feel so Blessed to have her in our lives and are so Happy she picked us as her family....We just Adore her. Dash and her are inseparable, they play and lay together all the time. Willow is the perfect fit for our family, and I just want to Thank You again for this Wonderful Sweet Girl that WE LOVE SO MUCH❤️. 
Sincerely, Lance & Danielle 
Johnstown, PA
Stella is 5 months now and weighing in at a healthy 36 pounds. She is the most fun loving puppy ever. We are truly blessed with how good she is! She is such an awesome listener. We take her out on our boat often and she loves to go for truck rides. Thank you for giving us the light of our life. (Stella pictured right)   -Taylor & Zach

We are so in love with Little Levi Duke! He immediately became part of our family. He is now 16 weeks and weighing in at 45 pounds with his giant paws. He is so gentle with the kids and loves to play. He is very smart and picked up house training so quick. He is such a good sleeper. Only woke up the first two nights and has been sleeping 8+ hours ever since! Everyone who meets him comments on how beautiful he is and sweet. Thank you for giving us such an amazing puppy to add to our family! (Levi Duke pictured below)
              -Therese & Joe
He is the best dog we ever had even as kids. 
Just wanted to say thank you again.
                                                  -The Blacks
I wanted to share some pics taken today, just one day past 14-weeks old. I am so happy everything worked out the way it did and that Levi and Sky are her parents. She's is the most beautiful puppy!...seriously stunning!...people stop me all the time to tell me what a beautiful dog she is and how well behaved she is, especially for a puppy!
She's so smart and loving.  She's very easy to train and picks up on things quickly. She's going to be an amazing dog and family companion! She's growing SO FAST!  
Thank you for being such an amazing person and breeder and helping me find the perfect dog for our family! (Stella pictured above).
Zane is doing great.  He is such a sweet, fun and outgoing little guy.  We are totally in love.  Thanks for raising such sweet pups. (Zane pictured above.)

I can not believe it's been almost a week since we came to pick up our baby!! I just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this blessing! He is the sweetest puppy I have ever met, so gentle, calm, and relaxed! I can not say how grateful we are to have him and can not wait to watch him grow up. We are so lucky to have him a part of our family and I know he will be the sweetest dog for our future children. So far Conrad has intervals of playtime and sleep time and has been such a good little buddy! He enjoys a lot of cuddling, resting his head on anything (especially arms), and being with us. He already knows how to sit, come, alert us to go out, and warmed right up to his crate. During the flight he slept through the whole time and waited until we were able to take him to the bathroom to go. Yesterday, we went for a check up with the vet and he passed everything with flying colors, weighing in at 10.6lbs. I just can not get over how sweet his is and how relaxed his temperament is... we picked our forever fur baby!!! Thank you! Please give Windy & Banjo our love. (Conrad pictured above).

❤️Shannon, Maurell, & Conrad 🐾

Just wanted to give you an update on Cannon. He has had a great 2 weeks. He had his check up at the vet which went great! He has already learned to sit and give paw on command. He's super smart and a fast learner. He has blended in with our family and we just love him! Thanks again!  (Cannon pictured Above). 
I just wanted to send you a pic of our Macey Grey.  She had her 9 week shots today and weighs 13.7 pounds! She is crate trained, potty trained, can sit, lay down, and come when called! We love her and are so happy we found you so we could find her!  Macey Grey pictured above..

​13 lbs. 3 oz. of frolicking fun.  Willow is so smart. In 3 weeks of having her home, she gives paw, sits, and does down on command!!  So in love.
Oakley enjoyed her first boat ride on Smith Mountain Lake today. She is a wonderful girl and we are so thankful for her.  She loves to run and play and follows the kids everywhere. (Oakley pictured above).                        -Megan

Hazel is 14 weeks and doing awesome! We are continually shocked at how quickly she is growing. She is house trained and oh so smart!! She is the star of the vet every time we go - I think I’ve given your name to at least a half dozen people. We are just so in love with her and thank you for such a wonderful puppy!! My kids are already asking if we can get a second :). (Hazel pictured left and right).

Luna is the sweetest puppy. We feel so fortunate to have her in our family. She is such a smart, strong, loving pup. She loves people and other dogs and wants to meet everyone she sees. She is so beautiful and attracts a lot of attention. We think she looks a lot like her mom, Shelby. Our family is so fortunate that we found your website and decided to add Luna to our family. (Luna pictured above).
Churchill is doing well! He's BIG! We couldn't have asked for a better addition to the family - he's one big, gray ball of love!
                   -Anthony & Eileen
Beau is a beautiful. loving, and smart dog.  He is a joy to be around.  Thank you again for a wonderful dog.  At 5 months, he is 50 pounds. (Beau pictured above).  
A year ago today, we received a video from you of the birth of the litter we were going to choose from. We would receive videos from you showing the puppies which we really appreciated those videos. Even though we had 2nd pick we had our eyes set on Miss Yellow💛 but didn't know if she would still be available. Well it was meant to be because she was still there waiting for us. 
  A year later we are celebrating Our Sweet Girl Willows 1st Birthday💛. So hard to believe she's already one. We certainly can't Thank You enough for the Wonderful Job as Breeders you have done to give us this Beautiful Girl. 
Her personality is so Gentle and Laid Back and we couldn't ask for a better Well Mannered Lab then her and we are so Happy & Blessed she is Ours. From the day we brought her home until now she is still that Sweet Little Puppy who touched Our Hearts like the 1st day we saw her.
So Happy she picked us as her Family....we certainly are the lucky ones. Thank you again for Everything and for Our Precious Willa Girl....We Love Her So Much🐾💛🐾

Sincerely, Lance ~ Danielle
Just wanted to thank you for our pup.  We love her to pieces. She is the best addition! Keeps the kids on their toes, sweet, snuggly.  I'm so impressed.  She walks great with me on the leash and she already sits on command.  Really, we couldn't have asked for a better pup for us....perfect fit.                               -Shadee
First we want to Thank You so much for everything. You are a Wonderful breeder and we really Enjoyed getting to know you the pass couple months. We have passed your information on to a couple people who are interested in Silver Labs and told them what a great experience we had with you. Always keeping us updated with videos and answering any questions we had.
 Wanted to share some pictures with you of our Beautiful girl Willow....We just love her to pieces. We are Enjoying her so much.....She's a Sweetheart and very laid back. Our 1 1/2 year old Black Lab Dash is so motherly with her....they are inseparable. It has been so much fun watching them together. Thank You again for everything....we are looking forward to many Wonderful years of Enjoyment with Our Girls❤️. 
                    -Lance & Danielle

We picked up Gunner from you in June from Graylyn and Banjo's litter of 4161/7.  he has settled in as one of the family and we absolutely love him! (Gunner pictured above.)
Here's a picture of Moses on his first birthday.  I made him a puppy cake and we celebrated.  He really is a delight and a very well behaved, intelligent, and sweet dog.  Thank you for your great breeding skills.
I can't believe Moses will be 2 in August.  He continues to be a constant source of joy in our lives.  Thank you again for breeding such amazing dogs!
I just can’t thank you enough for this gem! Murphy is only 5.5 months and 67 lbs! Bahaha...This big boy is the sweetest dog in the world!!!! When you told me his dad Banjo was a people dog, you weren’t kidding. There are no words to express HOW close he is to me every second of the day! Lololol! And I love it..... seen a couple other silver labs around and they all come from YOU!  Everyone is in love and raves about them!
                                    - Julie & Steve
Cash is doing awesome and it's great to finally have him home! Cash is very well behaved and training quickly. He fits right in with his lab cousins and is having a blast playing in the pool every day. In fact, in true lab style, he headed straight for the water on his first day home. 
Cash is definitely going to be a big guy. We had his first vet visit the other day and he's up to about 17lbs at 9 weeks. The vet was very pleased with how he's coming along as well as by how calm and easy-going his personality is. 
Thank you for such a great dog and for such a good experience. I couldn't be happier to have Cash as part of the family!                                                     -Matt 

Goose is doing really well.  We are totally smitten with him, and just so thankful to you for raising such a sweet pup.  (Goose pictured right).
)We've had Ziggy for almost a month now and he has been a complete joy! He's getting so big and I just wanted to send you a few pics from today. I've had so many people ask me who we got him from so you might be getting contacted by some CT people! We love him so much!                                          -Barb

Maya is doing great!   She has settled into life here quite nicely, and we just adore her.  
Cynder turned 2 today. She is an absolute bundle of love and we can’t imagine even a day without her. She has started a new habit last few months of wanting long cuddles all the time! 
We have her in some advance training right now with the ultimate plan of her becoming a therapy dog - fingers crossed! She has such a lovely loving manner about her so I’m certain she will be excellent at it. 
Thank you again for bringing her into our world! 
Willow at 1 year of age.  Isn't a day goes by that I am not grateful for having this sweet girl.

We just wanted to check-in and let you know we are completely in love with Kip and cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to grow our family. 
Kip loves to go to the dog park just outside our apartment building. He probably spends 3 hours a day there.  And!!!!! We met Jane, she is a year old and from Silvervalley Labs!!! It was so neat to see Jane and hear such positive things about you and your babies!!!! 
Kip loved (or at least we want to believe) cutting down his first Christmas tree. We do know Kip loves to be cuddled and surrounded by blankets! Whenever I start crocheting he digs himself underneath and sleeps! 
Kip can currently stay, come, paw, sit, down,close, calm (when he gets overly excited at the dog park), look (to give me his attention), and my favorite... KISS!  His favorite word is eat! And he sits until we say o.k. To begin eating. 
He loves humans, used socks, and carrots. He misses you, Mya, Banjo, and his littermates. (Kip pictured above).
                                  -Brandon & Dee 

Just thought I would drop some pics on you so you can see one of your sons growing. He is a great dog and the family loves him very much. 
Just wanted to give  you a quick update and let you know how much we LOVE our Mr. Blue AKA Murphy! His personality is just as I expected from his early videos and I wouldn’t change it for the world. He’s a total character and extremely lovable!! He’s about 4.5 months and 48lbs now and growing like a weed. 😂😂we think he looks just like his dad -Banjo. Thanks again for such a great dog! 
​                                                                           -Julie & Steve
Murphy Pictured left & right

Harper is about 30 pounds now at around 13 weeks She is the best dog I could have asked for. She is so well behaved. She goes with me almost everywhere and gets so many compliments. She can sit, stay, give paw, and lay down. We recently went to the beach and she loved playing in the sand. Thanks so much for everything!  (Harper pictured above.)

 Jeb is doing great.  He has quickly become the heart of our family.  He hangs out with the chickens, Plays with the cats, and helps with the farm chores. It's a gamble who is more tired from racing around at the end of the day- him or the kids.He is handsome, obedient and very kind. But above all well loved.
Thanks. (Jeb pictured above.)
The Taylor’s
I just wanted to send you a note and picture of your pup with his second birthday coming up on 12/30. Everyone who meets Beau showers him with compliments of how handsome and sweet his temperament is. We had our first child this summer and Beau could not be more gentle, kind and protective with our baby girl Quinn. We can't thank you enough for the gift of a wonderful member to our pack. (Beau pictured above.)                                                  -Cody & Rebecca
​Benson is doing so well.  He's big, he's smart, and he's the sweetest boy ever.  I'm grateful every day :-)  (Benson pictured right).
I want to thank you so much for letting us get Bubbie.  Levi and Shelby mad a beautiful pup and she is beyond anything we could imagine.  
Beau turns 3 today and we couldn’t love him more! He turns heads wherever he goes and is just so handsome. He was the easiest pup to train and listens so well. He loves long walks, playing in the snow, play dates with his best friend, Hoover , car rides and TREATS! He is a healthy 120 pound teddy bear who loves to snuggle with his boys. Thank you so much for being the first to love our boy! (Beau Pictured above).
                                                                                  Love, The Hall Family

Beau is doing great, up to 15 lbs! And is full of personality! He knows his name and how to sit on command and is learning to shake. He found his voice and barks!  
An amazing puppy, so smart and loveable!  (Beau Pictured Right)

Juno is doing GREAT and growing fast. We are all in love.  She gets along so well with Bear and loves playing with him. She is working on potty training and definitely likes to chew! Thank you so much for her. She is perfect. (Juno pictured above). 

​Stella has been a joy since the minute we drove away from your house. She has been very quiet and loves to sleep and cuddle up on anyone she can. She goes from play time to nap time all day long.   She is so sweet and obviously the center of attention in the household. Thanks again for everything and making this process so enjoyable.  (Stella Pictured above)

26 lbs of pure joy!! ❤️ He listens very well, we’ve got sit and paw commands down pat. Loves to be outside and playing ball. Such a good family dog! Thank you so much! 

Supergirl Ashe is doing great.  She loves her Dani and everyone in the neighborhood stops by just to visit with her.  We are beyond happy with her.  Thank you again                                                  -The Obriens
We wanted to share with you that today our Sweet Girl Willow 🐾 turned 2, and every day we feel beyond Blessed to have her in our lives. Our Beautiful Girl with her laid back and Loving personality is certainly the most Beautiful qualities about her. 
She is still that sweet little "Miss Yellow" we Adored the day we brought her home. But all of this could not have been possible without you, and all the Wonderful things you do as a breeder. 
Teresa, you go above and beyond with all the pictures, videos and your warm personality, and thats where you stand out above the rest. We can't Thank You enough for all you do day in and day out to give us these Precious puppies and we feel so Grateful we found our Gorgeous Silver Lab "Willa Girl" through you💛.
                      -Lance & Danielle
Marley is doing wonderful getting settled into her new family! She went for her vet visit last week and is growing so much! She is the same size as our beagle already! 
She loves playing outside with the kids and fetching her ball! She is sleeping all night now and we are working on potty training. She is such a beautiful puppy, we just love her to pieces! (Marley pictured above.)                                                                         -Jessica

We got our dog Charlie (miss orange) from you 2 summers ago.  I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how perfect and wonderful she is. We are so happy that we did the extra research and got her from you! 
Charlie is not 2 years old yet but for the last year she has been the best dog. She has bells that she rings to go outside and an electric doorbell that she rings to come back inside. she closes cabinets and drawers, puts her toys away in her bin, and every morning she gathers up all of the dirty laundry on the floor and puts it in the laundry basket - she does get quite irritated if she doesn't get payment of a big milkbone! She goes on walks without a leash and she has free access to water and loves to swim in our back yard. she's great with kids and I am due to have my first baby today actually, so we are grateful for that as well. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that she is everything we hoped she would be and that she's so good that she is living a happy life! (Charlie pictured above).                  -Casey

Just an update on Nella.  She is super healthy and probably one of the best puppies I've ever had.  She is doing great with commands and house training.  Nella pictured above.
 Harper  is about 30 pounds now at around 13 weeks.
She is the best dog I could have asked for. She is so well behaved. She goes with me almost everywhere and gets so many compliments. She is very well behaved, can sit, stay, give paw, and lay down. We recently went to the beach and she loved playing in the sand.  Thanks so much for everything!  Harper pictured above.  
Cash pictured left.   Kody pictured right with Cash
I wanted to share a quick update on Cash and Kody. They're getting along great and best buds. Cash is now one year old as of a couple weeks ago, weighing in at about 95lbs, and Kody is 3 months, coming in at a solid 30lbs. Here are a couple pictures of the two brothers after swim this afternoon. They are good dogs and is great having them both. Thanks again!

I can't believe Nittany is 6 months today!  I wanted to say thanks again for our sweet puppy.  She's been a wonderful addition.  (Nittany pictured above).                  -Meg
Grady is 6 months now, and is our sweet, but not so little guy.  He's about 47 pounds and is just an amazing, wonderful addition to our household.  He is perfect and full of love.  We are truly smitten with him.  (Grady pictured left).  
                -Karen & Tim
Well it has been almost 7 months since we picked out our baby "Mr. Green". We named him Grady and he has become the light of our lives! Seriously, we just love him so much. He has the sweetest, most playful personality and everyone that meets him falls in love. 
Thank you so much,
Cathy & Frank     (Grady pictured above). 
Well, your little boy turns 1 yr old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEACON!
I couldn't be happier and blessed with such a fantastic dog! Deacon has such a sweet disposition and a playful personality while being protective around strangers. He loves people and fits in with whatever we are doing. He goes just about everywhere with us and lays quietly beside us. Deacon was a fast learner and always wanting to please. He loves the water and will never turn down a game of ball or wrestling! Teresa is an amazing breeder who truly loves these pups like she would her own children. Countless hours of feeding, coddling, and dedication go into her dogs and you can truly see by their temperaments. Teresa was always willing to speak to me about any questions or concerns I had and always promptly got back to me. Her facilities were clean and welcoming and I would highly recommend her as a breeder for high-quality pets. (Deacon pictured above).                                      -Lisa
This is Stormie, now 7 months. I will start out by saying my experience with Silver Valley Labrador’s was top notch! I received updates on moms pregnancy as well as the progress of the puppies once they were born, and periodic videos of the puppies, so I was able to see my baby’s growth process! Stormi is a very healthy, loving, happy addition to our family. She fills our hearts with so much joy! And she’s very spoiled!! She is a blessing to my family. (Stormie pictured above).  

Kimber pictured left and above

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the best possible dog I could have ever hoped for.  Kimber is a joy to be around.  Thank you for everything!                                    -Kevin
Graysie  has grown into a spunky, lovable puppy! She has been the perfect addition to our family. We take her everywhere! In fact last weekend she had her first overnight in a hotel to visit our daughter for James Madison University's Family Weekend! People stopped us left and right to ask about her. Thank you for all you did to make her transition from your family to ours a seamless one. (Graysie pictured above).
                    -Marlene & Doug

Bentley is so smart and is so sweet! He loves to play soccer, chew any stick available, he knows all his basic commands and loves to roll over and get his belly rubbed. He is such a seeet baby and we could not be any happier that we chose him! Thank you again so much!! (Bentley pictured above and right)  -Kara & Gretchen

Sadie is so smart.  She's good at catching the ball in air.  She's just a blessing to our family.  Thanks for everything!  (Sadie pictured right)                                                                        -Mickie
Otis is absolutely the most fun dog we have ever had. He loves bananas, watermelon and bones. We need to take stock in bones he eats so many. Otis LOVES the water. We love him so much.  We seriously have the most handsome dog on the planet.  (Otis pictured above). 
I looked at the calendar today and realized Moses will be turning 3, and it reminded me I should send you a picture and thank you again for this incredible pup.  He has the kindest and sweetest temperament, and is a smart and loyal companion to my entire family.  Thank you again for breeding such amazing dogs.  They truly are the best of the best!                                                                    -Lia
Maizie is a great dog! At 9 1/2 weeks she is sleeping from 10pm to 7am. She is getting housebreaking and I’m seeing improvement in her understanding that our house is her den, as she rushes to the backdoor to go outside. She is so well socialized. I took her to the vet, she got her shot, didn’t whimper, and handled all the other dogs in the waiting room without acting scared. She has blended in with all our grandchildren so well and has such a sweet temperament. She is learning commands such as outside, go potty, off, down, and wait. She also watches TV, the sign of a truly intelligent dog lol! 
We just love her so much! Thanks for all the work and love that was put into her before we ever got her. She's beautiful!
(Maizie pictured above). 

Cody Pictured left and right
I just don't think we can thank you enough. Cody has settled in so well with us and we just can't seem to get enough of him. Thank you for providing us such a sweet, well mannered, and pretty much potty trained puppy!                                              -Lisa
Cody/Mr. Green was a year old in August and we are still so thankful for Mya and Banjo for giving us the most laid back, patient, loving boy. He spends most days playing with his boy either running along behind him while he is riding his bike or riding on the golf cart along side him. He is 100 lbs now and absolutely beautiful. 
Again, thank you thank you! I and sure hope that one day we can add another Silver Valley Lab to our family. 

Lisa, Brandan, and Easton. 
Willow is 2 1/2 years old in this picture.  
She is such a Beautiful girl inside and out and is as Lovable as the day we brought her home. Her mannerisms are like no other dog we have ever raised before ~ she’s absolutely perfect and we are Beyond Grateful for her and for you and the Wonderful Dogs you breed. Thanks again for our Miss Yellow💛 ~ She’s truly one of a kind and a Blessing to us all! (Willow pictured right)
               Lance & Danielle

Steelie is growing like crazy!  She is crazy smart and was very easy to housetrain.  She has also mastered sit and paw commands.  (Steelie pictured above).                                                                   -Jim
I wanted to give you a little update on our pride and joy!  She is doing great.  She is the sweetest little girl...we are so in love with her.  She listens to commands already and is very laid back. Thank you again!!
Bear's been doing great and was the MVP of a few obedience classes.  He adores kids and follows my daughter everywhere.  He also loves to wrestle with other dogs.  At 5 months, he's already 50 pounds!
We absolutely love Ivar from the litter of Jade X Banjo.  Pic taken at 9.5 weeks.  He is so sweet and smart.  He is already learning several commands very easily - sit, stay, come, and shake.  He loves to play and snuggle.  Thanks again!  (Ivar pictured above).        -Meredith
Graycie (Graylyn & Banjo) is 4 months old now and 40+ pounds. She is such a sweet girl and loves to play ball and snuggle.  We love her so much!
Hazel is two and a half now and such a good girl.  Thanks again for such a beautiful girl.                         -Katie
I wanted to update you on Our Sweet Little Miss "Shelby"Lane🐾  
She's 16 wks old now and weights about 18 1/2 lbs. And OMG'S....Her personality is to die for🥰.  Her Beautiful laid back mannerisms, are just like her sister Willow who we brought home 3 years ago today🤎. 
It blows us away that we have been Blessed again with a second pup with this Beautiful personality ~ and it's got to be everything you do as a breeder that gives us these Wonderful puppies🐾. Everyone who meets her....just raves about her Beautiful temperament and the beauty of her unique and Gorgeous Charcoal look🖤. 
Shelby's been sleeping through the night for the past couple weeks now and is doing Great with commands & potty training. 
She so lovable, and loves to be cuddled & she certainly gets plenty of that from us all!
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for Our Sweet Little Miss Light Blue ~ (Raine & Banjo). 
We could not imagine our life without her in it. 
She completes our circle of Love 🐾🐾🐾 and We feel so Beyond Grateful she's ours🖤. (Shelby pictured above). 
❤️ ~ Lance & Danielle 
Bear pictured left and right
I wanted to send you another update on Bear (Banjo and Stormy litter). He truly is an incredible dog and so friendly with everyone he meets, especially our four children. He has the prefect combination of relaxing while he is inside and wanting to play outside. I’ve owned dogs my whole life and there is something so special about him. He’s coming up on 1yr and a solid 80 pounds.                                                        -Nate
I Simply can not believe Moses is already 4!  He continues to be kind, sweet, smart, and is my constant companion.  Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs.  He is a delight and we love him so!
Levi (Jade X Banjo)  has gotten so much bigger in 2 weeks!  He sleeps all night in his crate with no barking or getting up!  Everyone who sees him says how beautiful he is.  We are very thankful we brought this little guy home with us.  We know he will be a good companion for us for years to come.  Thanks again so much!
 I found Silver Valley Labradors after doing some online research. We lost our Chocolate lab in May and were on the search for our newest family member. Our baby Luna arrived just in time for the holidays! Teresa is the absolute best, so responsive, kind, and truly is one of the best puppy breeders I have ever met. Her dogs are beautiful and her puppies are extremely well socialized and probably the cutest things ever. We will be back for another one in the near future :)  
Luna (Cynder X Ben) pictured left